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Salsa clothes from Karibe Clothing

Karibe clothing was founded in 2020 in Europe's largest port City, Rotterdam The Netherlands. 
Launched by Cindy, with a little help from friends and family, the founder had a vision of creating a creative, authentic clothing brand for dancers celebrating life with salsa clothes.

T-shirts that are comfortable, yet sexy, making you feel confident and free while doing the thing we all love the most: dancing.


Cindy's story

“In my early teen years my family and I moved abroad to Curacao. There, our passion for salsa dancing started. As soon as we tried it we were hooked! Dancing released in us a sense of joy, happiness, creativity, togetherness and passion. Passion for the music and for the movements.

Salsa clothes

Nowadays my sister and I are the only ones who are still dancing fanatically. Every week we go to our salsa class. In the weekends we love going to socials and practice our new moves.  

But every week again we find ourselves standing in front of our wardrobe wondering: ‘What salsa clothes are we going to wear to dance class today? Where do I find comfortable and sexy dance wear?’ You want to look and feel good in what you wear, but it shouldn't be too dressed up because it is 'just' dance class. Not too informal, because does that really express your passion for dancing and the dance community? And what dance clothes to wear to the during the week socials? Usually something casual, but how do I express my feeling for the music and dance?' 

This is exactly why I created Karibe. I want to offer you sexy, though comfortable dancing and salsa clothing that make you feel confident and free during dancing. Clothing that really expresses who you are as a dancer.”

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